Door Design Studio is a custom door design and manufacturing company based out of Calgary, AB with an additional showroom in Edmonton, AB

The team at Door Design Studio understands what it takes to make a great door.  More than this, we are driven to push the boundaries of what is known - both in terms of the aesthetic and the functional.  Standing on the shoulders of those great artisans who have gone before us, we are reaching higher to establish our position as a leading manufacturer of customized wood doors.


By asking the hard questions and exposing ourselves to the latest technologies, DOOR DESIGN STUDIO is committed to utilizing innovative construction techniques. We are continually seeking to improve because we know that, with INNOVATION, it is possible to build that which was previously impossible


Awaken to the possibilities of how we can make the imagined a reality. Not just a door, it is a portal which stands between yourself and both opportunities and threats. A door invites and, at the same time, it protects. At DOOR DESIGN STUDIO we will unite with your IMAGINATION and discover harmony between the aesthetic and functional requirements.


At DOOR DESIGN STUDIO we are pursuing something that which is timeless and enduring - INTEGRITY. Not only do we choose to operate ethically but we also choose to do so with consistency. This is demonstrated through our steadfast devotion to unbending principles and standards found both in healthy relationships and true craftsmanship.

"I love my it feels, how it looks and functions. Thanks to the team at Door Design Studio for creating this masterpiece!"

Sherry / Calgary, AB

"When you hear a single click of the 3-point lock of a double door hung on an old frame as the door closes, you know you get the right company to do the job. We have to congratulate Door Design Studio on the faultless execution of re-engineering our double front door that makes an old house alive. Thanks Jody and your team. Excellent work and guidance from your Calgary team. Albert Tsang"

Albert Tsang